Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kaylee's first Christmas (that counts)

Christmas has come and gone – and there's nothing left but the photos,
the cardboard in my recycling bin and the mountain of new toys in my living room (and the kitchen, and the office, and the bedroom, and ...)

Kaylee kicked off the morning with her stocking, this weird monkey-looking thing and a face only a mother could love. And maybe a Dad. Probably a couple of grandparents too. Possibly a friend of the family or two.
And Maggie.

She's not excited to be opening the present – she's excited by the noise her new frog bath toys make on the wrapping paper.
I'm hoping she's this easy to please for the next 17 Christmases.

Kaylee loves anything that can be pushed, pulled or ridden.
So this giant plastic truck-like thing seems to fit the bill. And I made sure that it was blue and covered with non-girly stuff. (Spider-Man!)
None of that Hello Kitty crap for my little girl ...
until she decides that's what she wants to play with anyway.

Things that can be pulled ... she left a tree full of loot for a box on a string.
Go figure.

OK – so this girly stuff balances out the Spider-Man truck.
She loves the necklaces and the fuzzy purse they go in.

Another winner ... the remote-controlled dinosaur from Grandpa Charlie.
There's no real rhyme or reason to what she's going to like I guess.

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maggie said...

Love it love it love it! She is adorable. It looks like Christmas was wonderful at Chez Rice Southwest.

And of course I love her face, no matter what.