Monday, December 17, 2007

Kaylee's new word

Kaylee picked up a new word (finally) over the last couple of days.

We keep encouraging her to say "hi" when she sees the animals or when playing with a phone or when she waves to one of us.

She now says "hyyyeeee" (yes, it's long and drawn out and really cute), usually when chasing a cat or tackling a dog – but never to one of us.

Kaylee today: Grumping.


maggie said...

It would be a lot funnier if she would say "hyyyyyyyaaaah!" when tackling the dog.

Just a little recommendation from the Midwest.

vized06 said...

She can practice on your cats next time we're in town.

maggie said...

Dude, I think she did that last time.

Speaking of which, the boys run and hide when they hear her voice on video. And when the MonkeyHouse noise plays, they both plaster their ears back and try to find the monkey. It's really quite amusing.