Friday, December 14, 2007

Vacation photos, part the fourth

So I'm home with a sick baby (on her third outfit already today) and she's finally asleep – so this is the perfect time to update the blog with more vacation photos. From our Vandalia leg of the trip:
I hate to break it to everyone – but I think Jasmine wins the "Kaylee's favorite" award for this leg of the trip. I'm not sure how Jaz felt about that though ...

Introductions go something like this: Kaylee, Kiley. Kiley, Kaylee.
Yes, we're confused too.

Look Grandpa Charlie ... Grammy didn't have too much trouble getting her hands on Kaylee ...

Kaylee's newest game – trying on everyone's shoes.
When she found my boots it got really interesting ...

Kaylee teaches Papa Allen her other favorite game ... "gimme your hat."

Bailey didn't think Kaylee was properly unwrapping her birthday present.
So she helped. And lost interest once she realized the bag was filled with clothes.

Grammy tries to teach Kaylee how to play "You're so cute I'm going to eat you. No, not really. It's just for pretend. I'm not really going to bite you."

Apparently, the game was a lot more interesting to Grammy and Rae.


grammy said...

don't let him fool you charlie/that was the only time she let me hold her/but she would play with me!
miss you guys

Grandpa Charlie said...

Truth in advertising laws ought to apply to blogs!!! Thanks for the REAL truth Grammy!!!