Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Say 'ello to mah leetle frehnd*

I know, you're looking for vacation photos. Or birthday photos. Or photos of farm animals. (You'll have to go elsewhere for that one.) I'll start posting those when I have a chance to breathe. In the meantime, enjoy Kaylee's latest photo.

Since she's started walking (really practically running) she's getting her fair share of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Most of them seem to be on her head. Her latest comes from Eddie "bucking" her during a full-body hug and introducing her face to the bedpost.

And as if she doesn't have enough bruises – her birthday present from Aunt Becky came today. A sit and spin. And thank you for choosing the "Dora the Explorer" model. Now I get to hear "Rapido! Rapido!" all night. ;-)

In other news: Twelve month check up was Monday. All is well, and the kid's recovering nicely from the five thigh-piercing shots. She also moved up to the "big kids" room at day care. All in the same day. So fresh from vacation, new teacher, new room, lots of kids and two bruised thighs. Yeah, that didn't go so well. But it's getting better.

Kaylee today: Bruised.

* It's a "Scarface" reference. If you didn't get it you're obviously not up on your so-bad-they're-classic '80s gangster movies.

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maggie said...

Wow, Aunt Becky rocks. She's figured out that the perfect gift consists of equal parts fun for the kid and torture for the parents. (She also knows about paybacks, right?)

In other news, I kinda dig the bruise. It makes her look tough.