Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random things and such

Kaylee went to the doctor today – turns out she has an ear infection. That explains some of the trouble we've been having. She's on some pink antibiotics now – so hopefully she'll be back to her chipper self by Christmas. (And hopefully she'll stop passing her illnesses on to me! *coughackcough*)

Package from GG and Aunt Ruth and Uncle Kieth came the other day. Kaylee's gift from Ruthie didn't come wrapped – so we're having a hard time keeping it out of the kid's grasp. The dog seems awfully familiar ...

We've done a pretty good job keeping her away from the tree – but it's getting more and more tempting. Especially with all those wrapped presents underneath. Yesterday I caught her dragging around a gift bag from GG. She didn't care to open it ... just drag it around.

Kaylee has started to bring home "art" from daycare – including this ornament that Rae thinks is so very cute. I disagree.
I love the fact that Kaylee made it, but the thing is just hideous.

I may be a parent ... but I'm not blind.


maggie said...

Wow, that ornament is ... unique.

Similar to how I can't pretend ugly babies are cute, I can't pretend ugly child artwork is cute, either. The best thing I can say is ... hey, that's an ornament!

But if you want to see the true depth of Kaylee's artistic abilities, (when assisted by her mom and dad) I have a beautiful angel atop my tree.

Carla said...

I like her choice of blue paint to match the blue border, and green paint to play off the color of the tree... and the gold sparkles are obviously symbolic of her exhuberance of her first Christmas. There's a depth in this work that transcends beauty.

(ps.. I love the name "chabos" for a dog... that's the word verification thingy I have to type in now)

My 2 cents worth said...

Hey Mike, what happened to "Love is blind"? I've always believed that as long as the childs first piece of artwork doesn't include Satanic symbols; all's well.