Friday, December 14, 2007

Vacation photos, part the final

And after a few days of west and wewaxation we ventured north again. And since we would be in town for Kaylee's actual birthday – we had plans to eat more cake and trim the first ever Kaylee Birthday Tree. (Which also doubles as Maggie's Christmas Tree ... but I'm claiming it for the kid.) It's amazing how wide-spread these birthday trees are already. I can't drive a block without seeing one in a window. It's very touching actually ...
This is one of my favorite pictures from vacation – even though I know Maggie will say that her big head ruins the shot. I disagree. I managed to crop most of her big head out.

Kaylee spent most of the day asserting her dominance over Maggie and the cats. The cats managed to run away – Maggie, not so much.

Mags and Kaylee in a "funky tooth smile" contest.
Not sure who won.


Kaylee's second birthday cake was red velvet with whipped cream icing.

Kaylee shares.
(Note Rae trying to clean as she goes. Silly, silly Rae.)

Once the shoes came off the party really got started.
And Rae stopped trying to keep up with the cleaning.

The brutal aftermath. And for the record –
red velvet cake stains clothes.

The flight back was a long one. Kaylee just wanted to play and fuss ...
but passed out as soon as we got to Tucson.

We had a beautiful rainbow waiting for us in the parking lot.
Some would take this as a sign that it was good to be home.
I took it as a sign that the cold and wet had followed us to Arizona.

And thus concludes our vacation photo slide show. I hope we didn't bore you too much. And we'll get back to posting our daily goings-on once we get around to it.

Or after the holidays. Whichever comes first.


maggie said...

I miss you guys. Thank you for sharing your vacation with me.

becky said...

the dancing in her cake photos are easily my fav of your vacation photos. she's so freaking adorable!